The ghee

Ghee is clarified butter, also called "liquid gold" so famous in India for its therapeutic qualities, both taken internally as externally applied to the skin. Part of the power of the Indian people since time immemorial; and we find it quoted in the ancient texts of Vedic science and the Rig Veda is considered holy and pure.


Properties: Sweet both before and after digestion, cold when digested, unctuous, nourishing.

It is tolerated by lactose intolerant people.

It is a purely sattvic food that promotes stability of mind and meditation.

Has Yogavathi properties, ie the qualities of power plants or medicating.

Scientific analysis: Contains between 2 and 3% linoleic oil, element attributed anticancer properties.

It owns 27% of monounsaturated oils, which are associated with the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

Part of its formula a considerable number of antioxidants (free radical scavengers) and vitamins A, D, E and K.

Its use does not increase cholesterol.

The ghee itself is not susceptible to oxygen, so it lasts longer, and does not need stored in the refrigerator.



  • digestive disorders such as gastritis and ulcers derivatives.

  • Removes excess bile.

  • Constipation.

  • Fever.

  • Earache.

  • Headache.

  • It provides strength the body.

  • It increases digestive capacity, the digestive fire, favoring the absorption and assimilation of food It promotes and enhances memory, intelligence and perception.

  • It is therefore considered an excellent food bone marrow and nervous system.

  • It is useful during the detoxification process, for anemia and blood disorders.

  • Retards aging of tissues, considered a natural antioxidant.

  • Lubricates all the joints. For memory applies



  • For skin disorders eczema, rashes, skin allergies ... burns.

  • For disorders of the eye, irritation, eyestrain, allergies ...



  • If we administered in small doses with food strengthens and nourishes.

  • In the daily diet, it is often added to accompany cereals, vegetables and cooked vegetables;

  • Also, solid state, it can be smeared like ordinary butter.

  • For constipation is usually taken with a glass of milk and a teaspoon of ghee before going to sleep