Salsa Dance

Salsa classes in Windsor
•Salsa is a set of Afro-Caribbean rhythms fused with jazz and other styles. Its birth has been much debated, but it is known that comes from a fusion that carried out the blacks in the Caribbean when they heard the European music and soon to mix it with its drums. Salsa has spread due to the immigration of Latin Americans, especially Afro-Caribbean people, to destinations to the north, such as New York, but also to South America, as in Cali. This music is very catchy, rhythmic and joyful, which has generated in the listener the need for a corporal expression through the dance, which has taken its name "salsa". In addition is the typical dance of the fair of Cali
Salsa Style: Estilo colombiano; Mambo; Estilo Nueva York; Baile de espectáculo; Estilo Los Ángeles; Estilo cubano; Shine; Equipo (casino).