My name is Maria Eliana but I like to be called Eliana since 1983 I began a career that I love with all my heart is a teacher or teacher was at first Gymnastics.

If you also want many other techniques as Modem Jazz, Dance African and actually everything you want to call move the body to the rhythm of a song, that I practice and teach in Buenos Aires, Argentina for about 13 years where I lived in Buenos Aires.

Then in my journey through life the universe brought me to live in Brisbane Australia in 1993, and where I dedicated myself more than anything that beautiful healing dance called Tango.

I did very successfully until life brought me very bad news and my life changed suddenly that was the way to the house of the lord of my only son who lived in Buenos Aires with his family.

Actually I blight life was like you buried in the heart of a stake and not ever withdraw from and I still live with the pain but we got used humans to live with the loss.

And in 2006 I return to Chile to heal me because chile do not know that happened and I did it for 9 years in which I divorced tango in apparent shape.

I meet yoga meditation and Reiki actually everything related to know yourself and control the emotions that led me to write a book on a diet to heal emotions.

Now in 2016 back in Brisbane tango again rediscover me, but a more adult way call it a new phase of romance as nothing is wasted now have everything in one person I offering Salsa, Merengue, Tango lessons, Milonga, as well as classes yoga, meditation, Reiki, Doctor Bach Flower Remedy.