Diet body desincoxicación Based on the 8 basic emotions this system is to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

The system works by eating certain foods regularly and consistently, also supported by a system of exercises (yoga), relaxation and meditation. It is important to clarify that lose weight very quickly and this starts from the second or third week of diet, ie when the body begins to make the change in profound ways.

The minimum time is 6 to 8 months to cleanse the body from their cells. then a maintenance system at about the same time which has made the strict diet. It is important to appreciate that there are foods that should be eliminated completely from the diet.


These are the basic emotions which is based the diet of basic emotions

  1. Joy,

  2. Trust,

  3. Fear ,

  4. Surprise,

  5. Sadness,

  6. Disgust,

  7. Anger,

  8. Anticipation. 

    Every week takes place at lunch time a new healing emotion.

Diet 8 weeks to lose kilos 8 to 12
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