What are the Dr. Bach flowers remedy?  

It is a simple and natural method of healing through the use of certain wildflowers. The remedies , which deal more personality disorders the patient's physical condition individually , were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 30s . After many years of practice in conventional medicine and homeopathy, Edward Bach came to realize that what characterizes the physical problems of different people is not so much the many types of existing disease, but the psychological conditions that generate it. For several years Bach was able to recognize and find an appropriate remedy in each case , and found all remedies in fields flowers and trees of the forests , ie granted in the healing power of nature.

Man has always made use of herbal medicine and, until a few years ago, all pharmaceutical products prepared from natural substances. Bach remedies, however, do not use physical plant matter but essential energy that is contained in the flower. This healing energy is extracted by a particular process and stored in a liquid that preserves it. The delicate resulting substance is used to treat the cause of the disease at a subtle level. So while most medications treat the ills of the body with physical materials, Bach remedies treat what can not be seen, or psychological cause, which is behind every disease. In the field of what is popularly known as "alternative medicine" to cure there are other ways that are, in a way, in affinity with the discoveries of Dr. Bach and, at this point, it should be noted that no method of healing has the privilege of being the best or the most effective; every thing may be appropriate in their particular way of acting


It seems , however, that Bach 's findings represent a revolutionary approach to medicine that can be summarized in the saying : ' treats the patient and not the disease ' . Whatever it is that which the patient is suffering in the physical body as disease (either asthma or athlete's foot) , the first cause of this state can be eradicated if we are able to identify and counteract the imbalance in the patient's psyche

An example will illustrate how this relationship works in practice. Suppose two people who are unrelated receive a strong shock. One of them is involved in an accident automotive and is greatly affected, but not get hurt, but in the following weeks suffering from constant headaches and nausea. The second person of this fiction is a banker who suffers a sudden and unexpected change of fortune in their financial affairs and that, upon hearing the bad news, has a heart attack resulting in partial paralysis of his right arm. Conventional treatments may be given to these two cases be physical discomfort, usually different. But if we treat the psychological state of patients clearly see that both are suffering the consequences of a shock, although the physical manifestation is different in each case. In these cases, and following the method of Dr. Bach, we would administer Star of Bethlehem that is the remedy for all kinds of sudden disasters, shocks, disorders and accidents. When the shock remains neutralized, the physical effect will dissolve and disappear. Similarly a person suffering from jealousy, fear, self-pity or resentment can express that particular psychological state with a wide variety of physical symptoms mode. So jealousy can be the root cause of cancer or pleurisy, or self-pity someone can fill grain, cause migraines or cause back pain. Physical discomfort is not important; It is the psychological state which must be addressed. Arguably this is a simplistic view of disease but quoted Dr. Bach, "it is really wonderful simplicity combined with its highly healing effects" .The main question is: do they work? .and the answer is 'yes' resounding.

Inevitably there are diseases that are beyond the scope of this form of medicine, as there are certain discomforts and conflicts that fit more with other treatment methods, but Bach remedies can be applied very well in almost all circumstances. Aside from being this, a form of medicine, without any side effects, that works very well in children, animals, even in plants, and are fully compatible with any treatment or therapy, both alternative and allopathic. Is a reliable therapy? The Bach Flower Therapy is applied for 60 years. There is much experience in its use, as well as numerous publications (see bibliography), supporting its outcome. In 1983 O.M.S. (World Health Organization) published a study aimed at health administrations of its member states, explicitly recommending therapy Bach ( "medicine traditionelle etcouvertere des soins de santé". WHO. Geneva. 1983. pg.162)